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TruSpine Technologies  filing with the FDA by end of November 

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Mark Watson-Mitchell

Director of SQC Research

Mark, who has over fifty-seven years’ experience in the UK stock market, established SQC Research in 1993. He previously worked as a dealer for four stockbroking firms and an investment fund management business. Prior to SQC Research he published financial and investment magazines and newsletters.

His writing portfolio has covered weekly feature articles on smaller companies for the Financial Weekly
Shares Magazine, UK-Invest and other investment websites including, and a number of monthly publications including Fleet Street Letter, Penny Share Focus, Penny Share Guide and the New Issue Share Guide.


His regular appearances on BBC TV, Bloomberg TVCNBC and BBC Radio always featured smaller companies and he also made several appearances on

Channel 4's 'Show Me The Money'.

Mark, who has held several directorships in AIM and other quoted companies, is now also a very regular contributing author to the website.


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